House repossession in London

Properties in London are usually repossessed because of one very unpleasant reason – when an owner has defaulted on their mortgage and fallen into arrears. As a result, the mortgage lender (in most cases – the bank) applies to the courts for the issuing of a repossession order. In this process, the home owner loses his property and the house enters the real estate market for sale.

When the property is repossessed, it often gets sold as fast as possible by auction, wherein properties get significantly less than their real market value. If the proceeds of your home aren’t enough to pay all your debts, you may continue paying that debt for as long as 12 years in the worst-case scenario.

How to avoid house repossession?

If you cannot find a way to stop house repossession, you have an option to sell your house before the repossession process begins. In this way, you have a chance to regain money to cover the debt and to save some for yourself.

In this case you will probably want your house to be bought fast. Here Quick Property Rescue can help – a company that will buy your house fast and will pay cash in advance! Quick Property Rescue is one of the largest property buyers in London that helps hundreds of property owners to sell their houses quick and to move on with their lives.

The benefits of selling

The benefits of the company are huge. The company does not rely to any bank and is able to buy properties fast and in cash.

The selling process can be arranged fast – in 24 hours, and the company listens to the needs of the owner. There are no legal fees, no need to refurbish to resell the house. Moreover, there is no Solicitors fee, and you will never need to place “For Sale” board in front of your house.

You will get confidentiality, support and help with relocation. The Quick Property Rescue team understands that selling your property may be stressful or painful, so the team focuses its energy to help the owner.

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