Between visits, keep your carpet looking great with a few easy steps. First of all, regular vacuuming removes grit and dirt that would otherwise damage your carpet fibres. A carpet rake will remove dirt from the surface, but vacuuming at least a few times a week (or more in some commercial environments) will prevent this damage caused by dirt abrasion. Empty the vacuum regularly to keep it effective and in good working order. And when spills happen, use Chem-Dry’s Professional Strength Spot Remover. Remove as much of the excess liquid as you can, then apply Spot Remover and blot with a clean cloth. Using a white cloth will prevent colour transfer, which will worsen the spot. And establish a regular cleaning schedule with Chem-Dry for regular commercial carpet cleaning in Adelaide or wherever you live.

All carpets eventually become worn, and in a commercial space, this can happen even faster. Signs of wear in a carpet can make the carpet look dirty, even when it has just been cleaned. This is known as “traffic lane grey.” For high-traffic areas, try rearranging furniture if possible to change the way traffic flows through your business or office. And use rugs to cover worn areas. These steps along with regular Chem-Dry treatments can greatly extend the life of your carpet.